Lodge 5174 Masonic Province of Yorkshire West Riding

Since 1930 Bawtry has been home to our small and friendly Lodge. Meeting on the first Tuesday from September to April and the second Tuesday in May. Pre-arranged visitors are always welcome, as are expressions of interest from prospective members.


Character Building

As you progress through the degrees of freemasonry, the personal development can be very rewarding. Whilst freemasonry can help good men become better men. Only men of upstanding character are permitted to join.


Freemasonry as a fraternity engages people of all ages, from tradesmen to monarchs. Whatever your status in life, Freemasonry provides an invaluble network of likeminded people never short of a social event to attend.


From its very earliest days Freemasonry has actively supported charity. Although charity is not its primary function, significant sums of money are regularly donated to worthwhile national and local good causes.


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Raised for good causes during 2015 in England and Wales


Welcome to our website where we aim to continuously update our members and visitors with our latest philanthropic and social activities. Additionally, we hope this platform offers non-masons an insight into our local community involvement, furnishing them with ample information should they be interested in joining our fraternity.

Worshipful Master Lionel Thursby

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