Lodge 5174 Masonic Province of Yorkshire West Riding

Since 1930 Bawtry has been home to our small and friendly Lodge. Meeting on the first Tuesday from September to April and the second Tuesday in May. Pre-arranged visitors are always welcome, as are expressions of interest from prospective members.


Lodge No. 2076 The Premier Lodge of Masonic Research

Bawtry Lodge are proud to associate ourselves with Quatuor Coronati Lodge, which is the world’s premier research lodge.

Established in 1884 (and consecrated in 1886), the lodge’s founders wished to advance an evidence-based approach to study Masonic history and research the origins of Freemasonry.

Their approach was intended to replace the more imaginative writings of earlier authors and was later referred to as the ‘authentic school’ of Masonic research. Quatuor Coronati continues to adopt the same principles today.

How can I get involved?

Quatuor Coronati Lodge would be delighted if you would like to become involved in their research activities. The first step is to join their Correspondence Circle, which is open to anyone interested in Masonic research or historical research more broadly.

Joining the Correspondence Circle places you in a group dedicated to making a daily contribution to Masonic knowledge. Whether you are just interested in learning about Freemasonry or wish to do research yourself, QCCC can help.

Membership of the Correspondence Circle

Joining the circle provides you with:

  • A free copy of the Transactions of the Lodge, Ars Quatuor Coronati, published each Autumn as a handsome hardback clothbound book.
  • A copy of the summons to the meetings (if you provide an email address).
  • Assistance with research enquiries.
  • The right to wear our tie pin and UGLE-approved breast jewel.
  • Discounts and priority booking to our conferences and events.

Other benefits

Members of the Correspondence Circle who are members of constitutions recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England are welcome to attend all QC meetings and if they book in advance can attend the dinner afterwards, giving a chance to meet the speakers and the members of the Lodge.

The Lodge normally meets in Freemasons’ Hall in Great Queen Street, London.

Check the Quatuor Coronati Lodge ​ website for details.

A4QC/QCCC Information Leaflet, ​​​​click here to view / download

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a Mason to join?

No, anyone can join, although only those who are Masons in constitutions recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England can attend QC Lodge meetings.

an I join as a Lodge or an institution?

Yes, they have institutional membership which is open to academic libraries and Lodges alike.

QCCC Tri-Fold Information Leaflet, Click Here to view / download

If you would like to speak with one of your Local Quatuor Coronati Secretaries please email info@bawtryfreemasons.org